Global is seeking to add handling of biodiesel at the Albany terminal. We also are seeking to heat certain grades of products that we are already permitted to receive, store and distribute. Heating these products will make them flow more efficiently, thereby improving the ability to move them from rail cars to storage tanks, and from storage tanks to barges.

The proposed project envisions the installation of four boilers to generate steam for heating rail cars and for heating piping from the rail to storage tanks. The steam would be circulated through heating coils in the rail cars or in the insulation around the rail cars to warm the product. Storage tanks and other piping would be heated in a similar system using thermal oil instead of steam. None of the petroleum products would be heated directly.

Specifically, the proposed Project includes: 

·     Reconfiguration of the existing Kenwood Yard rail facility to allow for
      the off loading of heated petroleum products;

·     Conversion of Tank 33, which is currently permitted to store distillate  
      fuel to storage of crude oil;

·      Conversion of Tank 118, which is currently permitted to store gasoline,
       crude oil and ethanol, to storage of distillate fuel; and,

·      Installation of four steam boilers and three heaters to heat petroleum  
       products. Heaters and boilers will be natural gas-fired and will only    
       heat the products minimally.

The proposed Project does not seek to expand terminal operations, the amount of permitted storage capacity, or the volume of products received by rail at the terminal.