Who is Global Partners?
A Fortune 200 company based in Waltham, MA, Global Partners LP is a leading energy distributor in the Northeast. In business for more than three decades, Global operates bulk petroleum terminals in 11 states, including eight owned and operated terminals in New York. The petroleum products that Global distributes through this terminal network help to power homes, automobiles and businesses across the country, providing fuel for more than 46,000 homes and nearly one million automobile tanks of gas each day.

When did Global locate in Albany?
Global purchased the terminal from ExxonMobil in 2007. Operations have been ongoing at the terminal since the 1920s.

What does Global do at the Albany Terminal?
Global is permitted to receive, store and distribute a wide variety of petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating oil, kerosene, crude oil, and renewable fuels such as ethanol. Products are primarily received by marine vessel and rail, and distributed by marine vessel, rail and truck.

What is the current Project being proposed by Global?
In June 2013, Global submitted an application to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to modify its existing air permit to allow for installation and operation of four steam boilers and three heaters. The boilers will generate steam to indirectly heat certain grades of petroleum products for which the company is already permitted to receive, store and distribute. The proposed Project also seeks to enable Global to receive, store and distribute biodiesel at the terminal. The proposed Project does not seek to expand the permitted storage capacity or total volume of petroleum products received at the facility and transported from the facility (commonly referred to as “throughput.”)

What environmental review has been completed for this Project?
As part of its application to the DEC, Global evaluated potential environmental impacts and submitted a comprehensive review of potential environmental impacts which included the new long environmental assessment form. The DEC reviewed Global’s application materials and determined they were complete. The DEC also determined the proposed Project would not result in significant adverse impacts to the environment.

What is crude oil?
Crude oil is a naturally occurring mix of unrefined hydrocarbons that forms in the ground. Because crude oil is naturally occurring, it has many different characteristics, including its viscosity, or its ability to flow at different temperatures.

What is biodiesel?
Biodiesel is a refined product. Certain grades require heating to be able to flow efficiently.

Why is Global pursuing this Project?
The proposed Project will enable the company to conduct more efficient and effective distribution operations on a year-round basis. Further, amid the nation’s critical need to reduce its dependence on foreign sources of oil, the Project allows Global to support the national effort to promote the use of alternative energy technologies and renewable fuels, such as clean-burning biodiesel and vegetable-based products.

How committed is Global to safety?
At the heart of its operation is Global’s belief in and commitment to the efficient and safe receipt, storage and distribution of its products. We have an excellent safety record, and maintain close working relationships with our partners, including local and state government officials and agencies, emergency response organizations, rail carriers, and local communities.

How can Global ensure that crude oil is transported safely through the community?
Global shares the commitment of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Charles Schumer and others to facilitate the safe transportation of petroleum products. The efforts of federal, state and local agencies complement our detailed preventive safety measures and comprehensive emergency preparedness protocols. Global looks forward to continuing to work with the state and the community, as well as our employees, customers, railroads and other partners, to ensure the safe receipt and off-loading of rail cars at our terminal. It is important to recognize that Global is an energy storage and distribution company, not a transportation company. Potential incidents that may occur as products are being transported by rail are the responsibility of the rail carrier.

Global recently announced that it has implemented a program resulting in the elimination of older DOT-111 rail cars and replacing them with the use of DOT rail cars that meet the most recent CPC-1232 standard. The CPC-1232 rail cars have several design features that are intended to make the cars safer during storage and transit. While adoption of this design criterion is not required in the United States, Global made the operational decision to adopt this design standard in the interest of safety.