Global Partners LP, a leading energy distributor in the Northeast, operates a 63-acre terminal in Albany that serves as an important hub for the receipt, storage and distribution of petroleum products to customers in the Capital Region and throughout the Northeast.

Global handles a wide variety of petroleum products at its Albany facility, including gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating oil, kerosene, crude oil, renewable fuels such as ethanol. Products are primarily received at our Albany terminal by marine vessel and rail, and are distributed by marine vessel, rail and truck.

The Albany terminal provides a critical component to the energy infrastructure of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. On average, the products that move through Global's terminal network are used to fill 970,000 vehicles, and, in winter, heat 46,000 homes every day.

Since Global purchased the Albany terminal in 2007, we have invested approximately $30 million to upgrade and improve the facility, and increased the local workforce to more than 30 individuals.